The Marketing Centre expands into North Wales

The Marketing Centre is rapidly expanding across the North West with its latest appointee, Dawn Marshall. With Julie Brook spearheading the regional team, Dawn will be supporting the development of the part-time marketing director service into North Wales.

The Marketing Centre, a seven-year old business that has pioneered the concept of part-time marketing directors, has a team of 80+ part-time marketing directors covering nine regions across England and Wales. There is growing demand for the service, which was founded in response to the increasing number of SME’s looking to invest in marketing, but who were unable to budget for the creation of a full-time position.

With over 20 years’ experience across both B2B and B2C businesses Dawn has worked in food & beverage, jewellery, healthcare and clothing, both in the UK and globally. She is keen to bring her wealth of diverse experience to benefit SME’s. She comments:

“I’m delighted to join The Marketing Centre. I love working with different brands, businesses and people. As part of the team, I get to bring my skills and experience from both large and small businesses to SMEs in a wide range of sectors and with a comprehensive set of marketing needs. Getting under the skin of new businesses and working cross-functionally to develop opportunities with them is what gets me out of bed in the morning – I’m looking forward to getting started and bringing The Marketing Centre’s expertise to businesses local to me.”

The Marketing Centre typically works with businesses that turn over between £2million and £50 million and use a proven system, driven by marketing professionals who typically have over 20-year experience in senior roles. Regional Director of The Marketing Centre, Julie Brook, adds:

“It’s great to be expanding the team again to support the marketing needs of small to medium sized enterprises in the North West. Not only can we offer a proven part-time marketing director expertise to support the growth in a business, we can offer a choice of marketing directors too – covering every potential need.”

361 thoughts on “The Marketing Centre expands into North Wales

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