Find running your car expensive? Welsh company will pay you for simply driving to work!

As the costs associated with running a vehicle continue to soar, one Welsh entrepreneur has devised a neat solution – his company will pay you for driving, as long as you display adverts on your car.

Car Quids has already put over £100,000 back into the pockets of everyday motorists around the UK. Now, the company is launching its biggest campaign yet in South Wales – and it is seeking drivers keen to cash in this summer.

Car Quids already has around 600 drivers signed up in Wales – but it wants more. Those who do, via, will have the opportunity to earn up to £100 a month, for simply driving their cars.

As drivers face a steady increase in car insurance premiums, fuel costs and other operating costs, this can be a perfect way of offsetting some motoring costs. Some electric car drivers have even been able to eliminate their running costs completely.

The concept of Car Quids is the brainchild of Swansea-born Viraj Ratnalikar. While enjoying a pub lunch in London, he noticed how many taxis around London carry advertisements; he realised if he could match advertisers with privately-owned vehicles, he could help redirect marketing cash straight back into the pockets of individuals.

Founder of Car Quids, Viraj Ratnalikar, said:

“They say never forget your roots and I’m excited to announce that Car Quids is launching one of our biggest ever campaigns in South Wales very soon! I’m especially proud of this campaign as it will be the first in my hometown, Swansea, and I can’t wait to inject money back into the community while promoting a fantastic Welsh brand.”

Car Quids has worked with several brands across a variety of industries, including Pizza Hut, JustEat, Evans Halshaw, and the NSPCC. Advertisers interested in using Car Quids for their business can find out more at