Met Graduate’s Ambitious Plan to Bring Wales to the World

A Cardiff Metropolitan University graduate has undertaken an ambitious business venture with the goal of developing Wales’ standing as a premiere holiday destination for tourists across the globe.

Isra Sulaman, who graduated in 2016 having emigrated to Wales from Sudan at the age of 14, was inspired to begin her enterprise Avalon after collecting donations for the Red Cross and British Heart Foundation in cities, towns and villages across Wales.

Isra exploring the Brecon Beacons (Image credit: Sally Nguyen)

This exposure to the beautiful landscapes of Wales opened Isra’s eyes to the huge tourism potential that the country has.

On her drive for helping to bring Wales to the world, the Biomedical Science graduate said:

“I was blown away by how beautiful and amazing Wales is and was inspired to start a business where I focus on highlighting the beauty of Wales to different part of the world and to different cultures.

“Nowadays people love to discover new places – I want to help unlock Wales’ potential as a destination.”

Isra decided to target the Middle Eastern market, having identified the trend towards a noticeable increase in the frequency of short visit stays to the UK from the region, with most visitors opting to stay in either London or Manchester.

She said:

“My aim is to build a multi-service company that connects other Welsh businesses and attracts new markets to Wales by promoting tourism and other amazing Welsh products through specialised tours around Wales.

“I reached out to social media influencers based in Dubai and invited one of them to visit Wales to help me send my message across to that side of the world, alongside other bloggers and influencers from London who have fashion backgrounds in Wales.”

The group of bloggers were given the opportunity to explore the offerings of Cardiff, Swansea and the Brecon Beacons and she hopes to give other influencers the opportunity to see the beauty of Wales.

On Isra’s abundant entrepreneurial spirit and determination to make a difference, Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Entrepreneurship Engagement Manager Steve Aicheler said:

“Isra’s determination to follow a pursuit she believes in and to make a positive difference for the wider community is something we can all aspire to emulate.

“The University is committed to delivering opportunities for students even after they’ve graduated and we are determined to ensure that the Centre of Entrepreneurship can afford the sort of support that Isra has spoken so passionately about long into the future.”


Image Credit: Sally Nguyen