Upcoming Cardiff event has the potential to change lives

A new event taking place this weekend claims to offer attendees a life changing experience.

‘Rewire Yourself For Success’ is a life changing all-day, interactive event that will enlighten and energise its audience, providing an insight on how to take personal, business or academic aspirations and goals to the next level.

Taking place in Cardiff on 14 April, the event will be hosted by award-winning transformation coach, author and international speaker Joy Ogeh-Hutfield. The premier event will focus on providing attendees with the tools to achieve success in the shortest time possible; success being a series of awareness and actions working together to create a desired outcome.

Joy is an inspiration to many, having faced several difficulties in life such as battling cancer, going through multiple miscarriages, and suffering the sudden loss of her mother. But, determined to not let these events negatively impact her, she instead maximised the opportunities presented in the disguise of trials, pains, uncertainty and hardships.

She became a multi award-winning coach, an author of three books, an international speaker – travelling the world and impacting thousands of lives – a successful businesswoman and CEO of Joy Transformation, and a Welsh Assembly Government role model.

Enlightened by her own experiences and expertise, Joy will teach the guests of Rewire Yourself For Success to break limiting beliefs that are producing unwanted or negative consequences in life, whilst also promoting self-awareness, positivity and happiness.


Event sessions include:

  • Early morning: The Psychology of Self Awareness – Step into the awareness of thoughts – clarity is power)
  • Late morning: Break the Pattern – Learn more about un-resourceful thoughts
  • Afternoon: Designing New Thoughts – Create a personal formula for success
  • Late Afternoon: Commit to Your Success – How to control new thoughts and make them work


Who should attend?

 The event is open to all members of the public. It will address the topic of achieving success, whether in personal, business or academic situations. Rewire Yourself For Success will teach its audience to use the power of thoughts to fuel life desires – whether relating to jobs, promotions, business building, health and relationships, or academic studies.


WHEN: 14 April 2018 – 08:30 to 17:00

WHERE: Cardiff – Radisson Blu Hotel